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Clarrisa D.

Covington, GA

"Mrs. Bennett has helped me get through some really difficult moments in my life. She has helped me to see past my view and regain focus on the end results that was needed to heal and move forward. I find myself thinking at times, "what would Mrs. Bennett say." She has redefined therapy for me, considering I was never one to trust others with my inner thoughts and feelings. Her ability to cut through the chaos in my mind is amazing and refreshing. I'm blessed to have her in my life."


Tina W.

Warner Robins, GA

"I was a little hesitant about seeking out someone to work with me and my mate on our relationship. We had been having issues for far too long. After exhausting a lengthy list of try-me interventions to include another therapist we decided to give Mrs. Bennett an opportunity. It was the best decision that we could have made. Her professionalism and toolbox of strategies was impressive. She helped us understand our relational issues and allowed us to collaboratively make the best decision for us as a couple. I hands down recommend her therapeutic services."

Becky L.

Lansing, MI

"I was unsure of how going to see a therapist could really help me in my situation. But after just a few sessions with Mrs. B, she helped me realize that therapy helps me in more than my situation. Not only are things better for me in my work and home life, therapy has helped me continue to dream about my future and pursue my passions."

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